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File Sync Backup Desktop comes in three versions: Pro,full and Portable. File Sync Backup Pro is the limited-functiionality verison, while the File sync backup Full version with all features enabled. File Sync Backup Portable is a mobile application, that can be directly run on portable USB or Firewire devices. Below you can find a comparison of the features available in each version. All of them are compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and 2008/2003/2000 Server/Windows 7 as well as Windows 8..


After trial period, this software will auto down grade to Free version, which offers all the functionality of higher versions, but only allows setup 3 Tasks and each task can synchronize a maximum of 100 files.



FileSyncBackup Desktop install version
FileSyncBackup Portable non-install version

Feature group  

Sync/Backup Method

  Pro Full Portable
Update target folder only  
Update target folder and delete obsolete files  
Smart Bi-directional sync  
Backup to single ZIP file  
Incremental backup, with compression  

Sync/Backup media (Sources/Destinations)

  Pro Full Portable
Local drive  
Network drive  
Removable media (USB HDD or flash drives)  
Windows Mobile devices  
Simple File server  

Real-time Sync/Backup and Run at

  Pro Full Portable
Windows Startup  
Windows Shutdown  
Disk Insertion  
Runs on Portable drive directly  


  Pro Full Portable
Restore Wizard  
Restore all files as of specific date  
Restore to different folder  
Restore preview  
Restore selected file or folder  

Sync/Backup Schedule

  Pro Full Portable
Manual Start  
Every Few Minutes  
Every Few Hours  
Every Day  
Every Week  
One Time Only  

Sync/Backup Filters

  Pro Full Portable
Exclude read-only files  
Exclude hidden files  
Exclude system files  
Exclude file or file types  
Exclude folders  

Advanced Options

  Pro Full Portable
Save previous versions of deleted/replaced files  
Safe copy using temporary files  
Estimate disk space required for sync  
Copy locked files  
Reconnect job folders if they are disconnected  
Case-sensitive file and folder name  
Buffer Size adjusting  
Resolves file conflicts action  

Global Options

  Pro Full Portable
Launch at startup  
Start in Mini Mode  
Setup maximum number of running tasks  
Program priority  
Detailed activity log  
Run missed scheduled tasks  
Check for updates daily  
Setup Max number of reconnection attempts  
setup Reconnection wait time  


  Pro Full Portable
Multi-folders in one task  
Run multi-tasks at once  
Task Preview. Let you previews all operations before sync/backup  
Visual Comparison of Folder Trees Made Easy  
highlighting for new, modified and deleted files and file conflicts  
Easy-to-use New Task Wizard for creating new Task  
Detailed sync/backup progress for all operations